Episode 009- Bruce Wayne — Rest in Peace

The show gets a big boost, as Dave opens the cave doors wide to all new back-up features.

After a randomly selected Batman story, Dave cracks open the first tale featuring Jonah Hex.

Then, we wrap up with listener feedback- finally cleaning out the inbox.


Episode 008- Castle With Wall to Wall Danger

Dave is back, and so are the Dynamic Duo… who are headed to Merry Olde England as Dave minds the cave.

In Detective Comics #392, Batman and Robin chase a crook across the pond, and find themselves in an ancient castle that is deadset on ending the Caped Crusaders.

Join Dave for the twist ending of a grand adventure, and remember that next episode— Bat-stories become random.


Episode 007- The Composite Superman

When the website falls apart- Dave finds a way to put it back together, and talk about some Batman comics.

This time, the Caped Crusader is joined by the Man of Steel, as they face a villain who looks like both of our heroes combined- but draws his powers from The legion of Superheroes.

A villain so annoying, superheroes fake their own deaths to get away from him. All of this and more in World’s Finest Comics #142.