Episode 001- The Mystery of the Menacing Mask

The silver age begins for The Caped Crusaders, in their first outing under the editorial stewardship of Julius Schwartz, and featuring the art of Carmine Infantino.

Our tale comes from the pages of Detective Comics #327, and features an unexpected turn of events where a common thief is able to overpower the Dynamic Duo.

Join Dave for his first journey into the Dave Dave, and the pages of Batman and Robin’s silver age tales.


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4 Replies to “Episode 001- The Mystery of the Menacing Mask”

  1. Sheldon Moldoff was the principal Bob Kane ghost at the time. When the new look was adopted, he ditched his blockier Batman and mirrored Infantino’s Batman as best he could. Infantino may have been the best cover artist ever, which meant the interiors were frequently disappointing in comparison.

    1. Moldoff shows his skills in the Batman issues. They weren’the quite Infantino, but they had a charm to them.

  2. Definitely. I liked Moldoff’s Robin better too. Infantino always drew Robin too short relative to how he drew his features. I had a 12 issues for a $1 subscription that started with issue 174, the Human Punching Bag.

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