Episode 008- Castle With Wall to Wall Danger

Dave is back, and so are the Dynamic Duo… who are headed to Merry Olde England as Dave minds the cave.

In Detective Comics #392, Batman and Robin chase a crook across the pond, and find themselves in an ancient castle that is deadset on ending the Caped Crusaders.

Join Dave for the twist ending of a grand adventure, and remember that next episode— Bat-stories become random.


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Episode 004- Batman’s Great Face-Saving Feat

A club of exclusive amateur detectives gathers to vote in a new member. The candidate claims to have solved the greatest mystery of all- Batman’s secret identity.

What can Batman do when a detective is working to guess his secret identity? Why, pull some Bat-Trickery of course.

Join Batman as he evades the detective, and chases down a unique gang of thieves in the latest trip into The Dave Cave, as we dive back into the pages of Batman #164.


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