Episode 009- Bruce Wayne — Rest in Peace

The show gets a big boost, as Dave opens the cave doors wide to all new back-up features.

After a randomly selected Batman story, Dave cracks open the first tale featuring Jonah Hex.

Then, we wrap up with listener feedback- finally cleaning out the inbox.


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Episode 008- Castle With Wall to Wall Danger

Dave is back, and so are the Dynamic Duo… who are headed to Merry Olde England as Dave minds the cave.

In Detective Comics #392, Batman and Robin chase a crook across the pond, and find themselves in an ancient castle that is deadset on ending the Caped Crusaders.

Join Dave for the twist ending of a grand adventure, and remember that next episode— Bat-stories become random.


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Episode 003- Two Way Gem Caper!

The Bat Signal has been lit, and Dave answers as the Dave Cave opens once again to the Cave-Dwellers.

On tap this time around- a tale of a thief who has planned for everything, including a visiting folk band called the Hootenanny Hotshots.

But, his best laid plans are no match for the Caped Crusaders, Batman and Robin, the Boy Wonder in the first story from Batman #164.


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Episode 002- The Olsen-Robin Team Versus the Superman-Batman Team

The mystery of the REAL first appearance of the “New Look” Batman is solved, and it is in the pages of World’s Finest Comics #141.

Witness a tale of betrayal, death, and resurrection— or, is that lies, fake deaths, and somewhere in there- the bad guys.

Dave also graciously reads your emails, comments, and more.

It’s only the second episode, and the Cave-Dwellers are making it awesome.


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