Episode 004- Black Dawn

The second half of Batman: Year One picks up with The Dark Knight facing a crisis- trapped, unarmed, and outnumbered, he must escape from a trap.

And, James Gordon can only watch helplessly as the Gotham City Police rain down on the mysterious vigilante in full force.

But, the Batman isn’t beaten, and help will arrive in the most unlikely (but, probably should have been obvious) source ever.


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Episode 003- War is Declared

Batman: Year One heats up, as The Dark Knight begins his crusade against crime in earnest, and dons the cape and cowl to take on Gotham’s underworld.

But, he makes enemies, and one of those enemies points Lieutenant James Gordon right into a collision course with Batman.

It all comes to a head with Batman entering into his deadliest gauntlet, yet. And it looks like Year One may turn into a very short year if our cowled hero isn’t careful.


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Episode 002- Who I am, How I Came to Be

The Dave Cave opens it’s doors to the pages of Batman #404, the first chapter of BATMAN: YEAR ONE.

Bruce Wayne and James Gordon have a great destiny together, but the journey to that destiny begins with both arriving in Gotham City.

Between corrupt cops and officials, and the criminals, both have their work cut out for themselves, and both will face their own personal gauntlets before finding the edge they will need.


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Episode 001- The Man Who Falls

Like a thief in the night, and without fanfare, The Dave Cave rises again to tackle Dave’s extensive Batman reading project in micro-podcast form.

This time around, Dave looks at a story that is comprised of moments from other stories with “The Man Who Falls” from the Secret Origins of the World’s Greatest Superheroes trade paperback.

Look at the missing chapters from Batman’s early days, and see the moments that changed Bruce Wayne into The Dark Knight.


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